Hi. I'm Chadwick.

Age of Ecology - David Attenborough's favorite environmental essays - Ralston, Chad bio photo

I was born in the biggest state west of the Mississippi and have lived in the biggest state east of the Mississippi ever since.

I have, at various points, been an amateur author, an armchair environmentalist, a squirrel.

I have subsisted on food stamps, cereal, salad.

I have lived on five acres of scrubland abutting 50 acres of more scrubland, scrubland that allowed me to infiltrate Nazi lines with pinecone grenades, rescue those trapped in Siberian gulags using nothing but my wits and a stick pistol -- all before I turned ten.

I have spent a whole summer getting 4 hours of sleep interning on a trading floor in Manhattan, grappled with boredom to graduate from law school, learned the hard way the importance of a mentor.

I have aspired to make a living writing novels, written two novels, sold twenty-two copies of my 1st novel, sold zero copies of my 2nd, and learned the hard way the importance of perseverance.

I have been taught to eradicate those damned weedy dandelions at first sight, learned that dandelions are actually quite useful, put dandelion greens in my morning smoothie, and will continue to do so any time dandelions rear their frilly, balding heads in my garden.

I have demanded more proof of climate change, observed the proof everywhere I've turned, free-jumped into a cavern of despair over the futility of it all. 

And then, I made a decision. I decided to help. There is more than despair, friends. Much more. There is hope. Vast reserves of it, waiting to be tapped. I started writing Age of Ecology to help tap those reserves for anyone who's unsettled. I hope that I have, in some small way, succeeded.